In my own fieldwork I once asked an Indonesian, ‘Do you believe in spirits?’  He replied, puzzled, ‘Are you asking, do I believe what spirits tell me when they talk to me?’(James Peacock, The Antrhropological Lens)
I started listening long ago. When I chose to listen, I decided to apply for the postgraduate courses in Anthropology instead of Philosophy, which was my former vocation. Perhaps metaphysics could also make me learn a lot about the spirits and about what they would tell me, if they ever talk to me. But Anthropology gave me the chance of listening the voices of all the people the spirits do talk to, besides the voices of the books or my own voice... and I have learned so much from all the people who shared the hours and places of fieldwork. I hope to tell you properly.

I am currently a Associate Professor at the Social Anthropology Department of the Complutense University of Madrid. I am interested in all varieties of religious diversity. For my PhD, I did fieldwork in La Mancha, where I explored the richness and fascinating paradoxes of popular Catholicism. Since 2009 I am engaged in research about post-catholic spiritualities in Madrid, which include New Age trends, oriental imaginaries, conversion itineraries and therapeutic rituals.